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High School Redesign

We are excited to announce changes that are coming next year to Fort Saskatchewan High School. 

Moving Forward with High School Redesign is a province-wide initiative focused on three outcomes:

  • engaged students
  • high levels of achievement
  • quality teaching

Moving Forward with High School Redesign is about shifting mindsets.  The mindset shift leads to changes in practice that ensure flexible learning environments are used to support increased student engagement in learning, improved student achievement and enhanced teacher practice.

The shift in mindset to a focus on student-centered learning happens as a number of key practices are put in place, including:

  • Personalized learning
  • Developing meaningful relationships
  • Supporting mastery learning


What does this look like at Fort High in 2017-2018?

  • We engaged in a year long process which included consulting students, staff, parents and community members.  Through this process we determined that a shift in our timetable was needed to help increase student engagement, achievement levels and support teacher practice.


What is B.E.E. Block?

B.E.E. block stands for “Building Educational Engagement”.  This is a block of time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday that is flexible instructional time.  Students may choose to participate in activities that may include extra help, direct instruction, review time, studying, working on homework, working on a project, attending a guest speaker or participating in physical activity.


How does our timetable change?

  • Lunch is a little shorter
  • No B.E.E. block on Wednesday
  • Dismissal time is earlier every Wednesday


What is Teacher PL time?

Teacher PL stands for ‘Teacher Professional Learning’.  There is no B.E.E. block on Wednesday because research shows that providing teachers the opportunity to collaborate on a weekly basis improves student engagement and achievement.  With parental approval, students may leave during Teacher PL time.  However, if they choose to stay, appropriate supervision will be provided.


When does this start?

Although classes begin Wednesday, August 30, the shift in timetable will begin the week of September 5.


I want to know more, where do I go?

If you want to know more about the details specific to Fort Saskatchewan High School, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.  Additionally, here is more information about Moving Forward with High School Redesign across Alberta.


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