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Early Bird Incentive for 2017-18 Transportation Fees

Parents! Take advantage of the early bird incentive for 2017-18 Student Transportation fees and save!
Early bird deadline: Friday, June 30, 11:59 p.m. - http://www.eips.ca/transportation/transportation-fees/student-transportation-online-payments

School Notice

Attn: Parents of Grade 11 EIPS students

It has come to our attention that your grade 11 son or daughter may have been approached about a 2018 graduation trip run by a company called S-Trip

We wish to inform you that a privately-run company organizes this tour, and markets it directly to students through other students in the school without our permission.  Your child’s high school and Elk Island Public Schools are NOT involved in any part of organizing this tour, nor do we endorse this company or support this particular event.  Parents should be aware that school staff do not oversee any aspect of S-Trip’s activities and that all risks, costs and responsibilities inherent with international travel rest solely with students and their families.

We encourage you to visit this link to a story produced by CBC’s Marketplace on the S-Trip company and tours before you make a decision in this regard: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2016-2017/s-trip.


High School Redesign

We are excited to announce changes that are coming next year to Fort Saskatchewan High School. 

Find out what the changes are by reading the High School Redesign document.

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