School Notice

High Schools Remain Open for Diploma Exams

ATTN: EIPS High School Students

In the event that EIPS must cancel school buses due to extreme weather conditions, high schools in the Division will remain open for all Diploma exams. Students, where possible and where safe to do so, are encouraged to write Diploma exams on the assigned day as these cannot be rescheduled. Writing times will be accommodated for late arrivals on the same day of the exam. 

Should a group of students not be able to safely make it to school to write the exam due to the extreme cold, an application will be made on their behalf to the Alberta Education Special Cases Team to indicate how the students were impacted. The decision to provide an exemption is provided at the sole discretion of Alberta Education.

Welcome to Fort High!

Fort Saskatchewan High School, “Home of the Sting”, has an excellent range of programming that meets the needs of students from urban Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding rural communities. We are a “Full Program” high school with a strong tradition of academic excellence coupled with the opportunity to excel in Fine Arts and Athletics. 

Our school is dedicated to developing and maximizing each student's potential. We are large enough to provide a wide range of academic, athletic, and social activities, yet small enough to maintain a warm, personal, and safe school environment. Many of our student’s parents are Fort High Graduates.

Important Dates and Times

For a complete list of holidays and school-closure days during the 2017-18 school year, refer to the EIPS Division Calendar.

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