DAILY BULLETIN - Friday, October 20, 2017



STUDENT SPECIAL:  Bacon and tomato frittata served with a side salad.  This meal is healthy, delicious and your one stop shop.  $5.00

SANDWICH:  Jalapeno popper stuffed burger.  $5.00

SPECIAL:  This recipe is a classic from the recipe box of Ms. Newman’s Grandma.  Russian chicken served with garlic double stuffed potato and vegetables.  Enjoy a quarter chicken marinated and baked in a sweet and savory Russian red sauce.  $6.00

SANDWICH:  Homemade egg salad sandwich.  $3.00

SOUP:  Homemade French Onion soup topped with a crostini and cheese broiled to order so the cheese is ooey gooey deliciousness.  $2.50


PIZZA:  Taco pizza $2.75

Dessert:  Homemade glazed donut holes $.75, Nutella crunch cupcake $.75, Peanut Butter Cookie $.50, Raspberry Marble Cheesecake $1.00


LIBRARY CARDS: Any Grade 12’s, who are signing up for a Fort Saskatchewan Public Library card, please return the forms to Ms. Bous by Thursday, October 26th.


AWARDS: Students who have not RSVP’d for the awards ceremony, please do so as soon as possible. See Mrs. McGrath in student services or the ladies in the front office.


GRADE 12 STUDENTS: Those of you who do not have a Block 1 class, please head to the office to pick up your Graduation Information Booklet as soon as possible.


RAP: Students who are interested in a full time Registered Apprenticeship position beginning this February at either DOW or Shell should contact Mr. C this week. Eight positions will be offered in 4 different trades.


BEE BLOCK: Elder Wilson Bearhead will be at Fort High on Tuesday October 24th.  For those staff and students who feel the need to take part in a smudge please sign up for MS. WILSON’S Tuesday Bee Block.  Elder Wilson smudges every day as a means of looking after his spirit.  He doesn’t wait until an incident or crisis to smudge so he will lead us as we ask the Creator and the Grandfathers to help us and guide us.  We use the smudge to cleanse our minds, hearts and spirits as well as to clear our sight, hearing and words for the very best.  Everyone is welcome to join us in room 48 but make sure to sign up for MS. WILSON’S Tuesday Bee Block to guarantee a spot!


NORQUEST OPEN HOUSE! Our largest event of the year, Open House gives you a chance to visit our campus, meet instructors and other program staff, and get in-depth knowledge of the programs NorQuest offers. It’s your opportunity to get answers to all your questions in one place; find out about student services, financial aid options, talk to student advisors, and more. It’s a must-visit event! The Open House will take place on Saturday, October 28 from 9:00am-3:00pm.


STUDENT LEADERSHIP: For all students who are eager to become involved in leadership opportunities at Fort High, come to room 24 every Wednesday at 11:05. This will be a great opportunity to continue to make your school and community an exciting place to be.

Monday, October 30th  - Bring your own pumpkin, must be hollowed out first when you arrive.

Tuesday, October 31st - Costume contest, there will be judges and prizes, a small dance will be hosted in the foyer afterwards.



Senior Football Game @ 7:30 at Foote Field


Nano Challenge on Friday and Saturday


Congratulations to Parker C – Team Captain of Sting Football Team


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ~ Benjamin Franklin